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"I offer you a safe and supportive therapeutic environment that facilities the awakening of the healing forces within your being." 

Meet Diana


As a body-oriented psychotherapist with over 35 years experience in the healing arts, my intention is to offer you a safe and supportive environment to awaken the natural healing forces within your being.​

Tending to Our Resilience


What is the nature of resilience?  There are many possible answers from various quarters; science, psychology and neuroscience and many more.  Let’s describe resilience as the capacity ‘to ride the waves’ of life.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner/ Body-Oriented Psychotherapist


Often a healing/recovery journey begins because an area of one’s life is not working as you want it to. Commonly, it’s in one’s family or relationship life. You might be chronically experiencing the residue of past traumatic experiences, such as, hyper vigilance, not being able to trust yourself or others; being too anxious or nervous; having sleeping difficulties, perhaps nightmares; struggling with anger or loss of boundaries; or not being able to stand up for yourself. As you learn to allow those scary felt-sense states to surface, with gentle guidance, you will gain confidence in your own healing capacity.


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