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About Diana

My Story


My 35-year professional journey into how we heal and recover our sense of wholeness began with fundamental questions about our human nature and our human experience.  What is the nature of ‘reality’? What does it mean to be human?  What is embodiment?  What is trauma?  How do we heal? What is well being?  How do we increase our resilience?  


The first 10 years of training and practice were in various bodywork modalities, including massage therapy, structural bodywork, Upledger craniosacral therapy, Hakomi, and Ayurveda. I learned what absolutely amazing beings we are in our embodiment.  We are biologically designed to adapt and thrive.  Our "story" is literally stored in our bodies and reflected in the range of our experience from dis-ease to well being.


As curiosity about the nature of our life stories increased, I decided to attend graduate school in psychology and social work. For over 20 years, I focused my attention on developmental psychology; family systems, both healthy and dysfunctional; addictions; trauma; and all manner of the ways we try to make sense of our lives, cope and thrive. I have worked with children, families, groups and individuals in agencies, hospitals, schools, jails, a children's system of care, as a military family life consultant and in private practice settings. 


In 2007, I was introduced to Somatic Experiencing, and re-discovered my roots in the organismic wisdom of body mind processes. Since then, my focus has been on integrating Somatic Experiencing into a psychotherapy practice to address developmental trauma occurring during childhood and symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  The 'story' of one's life is important to tell and understand. However, if we are open to receiving the deeper clues from our bodies’ felt-sense sensations and our dream images then our souls begin to awaken, whispering their truth to us.  


The last 20 years of brain research is revealing how our bodymind works to create our experience.  Interpersonal neurobiology, attachment & trauma research, and mindfulness practices are converging into a remarkable confluence of understanding of how we ‘create’ and experience our reality. We have learned that our brains have 'plasticity' which means that given the willingness to learn, i.e., to confront those scary places within, and a supportive environment, we can, and do, unleash the healing powers within ourselves.


As you consider your healing journey, I would like to share this wisdom with you through psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Jungian SandPlay modalities designed to assist you in awakening your innate healing capacities. We are meant to experience our aliveness to the fullest in the present moment.



Somatic Experiencing

Felt-sence States


Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

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