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Tending to Our Resilience Now

New Moon: Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts! Thank you for making and keeping your homes a warm place of refuge and nourishment for all of your families. Thank you for the love, care and thoughtfulness that each of you has bestowed upon your loved ones. You are the embodiment of the Divine Mother in all Her varied manifestations.

It seems so appropriate that the official recognition of the contribution of mothers would occur in the spring when all around us the Earth, our Gaia Mother, is in her full birthing mode. Riding the spring up-welling of energy is an annual invitation to reengage our senses, our bodies. To join with Gaia’s energy as She bursts forth in all Her glory.

No matter how far along spring’s unfolding is in your area, embrace it! Let the spring energies enfold and inspire you. Examine the emerging buds on trees and shrubs....admire their structure and determination to unfold. Smell the flowers...track the sequence of blooming by type of flower. Allow yourself to merge with these energies....let them course through your body and seep into your soul. We are of the Earth; She is Our Mother. The best way to connect with Her is to allow yourself to be moved by Her amazing beauty in Her determination to express her aliveness.

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